DC Universe : Rebirth #1 (2016)

Written by Geoff Johns. Art by Gary Frank, Ethan Van Sciver, Ivan Reis, Phil Jimenez, Joe Prado and Matt Santorelli. Cover by Gary Frank.

Wally West is trapped out of time and space, lost in the recesses of dimensional bleed due to the Flashpoint caused by his mentor, Barry Allen. Drifting in this nothingness, only Wally-the man once known as Kid Flash and then the Flash-can see the mystery pervading the universe. Who has stolen 10 years?

Wally must now return to Earth and the loved ones who have always acted as his lightning rod, but no matter who he contacts, he slips further and further away, closer to nothingness.

The fate of the universe depends on Wally West's Rebirth ...

I love this world. But there's someting missing.

I look down at it and all I see is a world where friendships, hopes, ideals and families are gone, broken, all I see is a world where you might need some help. You need a spark. Something brighter than daylight, something pure and inspiring. Something that will help you to move forward. An idea. An idea unstoppable. Something able to shatter cynicism and despair. You need a spark.  You need someone.

Wally West was always the craziest idea ever evocated. A Kid. A Flash. Someone who would ensure the legacy of the fallen, who would save the future of a very simple conviction : life wouldn't be about tragedy. The Flash wouldn't be about falling but gathering. Gathering people, friends, lovers, parents and children. Rising to new highs. Rushing wherever help is needed.

There is a storm coming. If you listen carefully, in the split of a second, you will hear the lightning and its roaring. Listen carefully and believe. Believe in the lightning. Believe in this bolt of optimism, rushing through the threatening clouds. Feel its crackling and remember everything it stands for. Remember that lightning strikes twice.

I love this world. But there's something missing. I love this world and we are still standing.



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