The Flash #0 (1994)

Script by Mark Waid, pencils by Mike Wieringo, inks by Jose Marzan, Jr. Wieringo cover.

Zero Month issue. Wally West is thrust back in time, reliving key moments in his life in "Flashing Back".

Remembering who really is Wally West isn't the easiest thing. He's The Flash. Actually he's a Flash. The third. After Jay Garrick, after Barry Allen, here comes Wally West. And before that, he was Kid Flash, one of the most famous sidekicks. Who is he really ? First of all, he is us.

You must remember the glorious times when we used to draw our heroes everywhere : books, walls, tables, everywhere. Our heroes were barely recognizable and yet, their symbol was always perfect. We understood what it stood for and it would never change. An unalterable symbol of hope and greatness.

You must also remember darker times, challenging times, when we were struggling to know who we were, what we wanted to be and not what we were forced to be. We could always look at this symbol and find our way back. There was always the symbol, a flash tearing apart the doubts and the fear.

Take a look at Wally's journey through time and memories, going through the same dread and the same solace. What was it about ? « It was about liberation. But most of all. It was about freedom. By faith rewarded. A promised of yesterday had been fulfilled. » This is an invitation. An invitation to accept the past, with all the trials, all the successes. To leave it behind, where it belongs. And move forward. Storming to the future and everything it has to offer.

Remembering who really is Wally West is the easiest thing. He comes from nowhere and everywhere, he is noboby and everybody. He is us. He lived our dreams and made all the right choices. We should walk in his footstep.

We should run after him and rush, with this unalterable smile, this lightning, along the road.

We must always run with him.


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