Young Justice : The Return of Wally West ?

If there is a show that let Wally West's aficionados speechless, it sure is Young Justice. And is it really surprising when we see who are the people responsibles for this masterpiece ? For those of you who are unfamiliar with Greg Weisman or Brandon Vietti, you may have already met them : in a galaxy far far away, or near the mysterious lands of Kalimdor, maybe when you were just swinging between Manhattan's buildings. But you must know them. You have to.

The Young Justice show and its community are a testimony of how talented they are. In fact, they created a brand new DC Universe, very unique in many ways but really faithful at its core, a DCU where we learned to rediscover beloved characters.

And, of course, we fell in love with an all-new Wally West, who has every quality of our favorite speedster, his courage, his heart and airiness, but also all his flaws, like his selfichness, his immaturity and his impulsive temper. A very fascinating character who evolved through the seasons, the battles and the trials, trough love, before vanishing, giving his life to save the Earth.

But disappearing doesn't mean anything in a world where magic exists and people can fly, right ?

Since the ending of the second season, just like Bruce Lee, we are waiting for the return of Wally West, and while we didn't really see him, his presence is felt in every episode of this new season.

Is it safe to hope for a happy ending ? Is there any chance to see him fight side by side with Artemis one more time ? We still have to wait a few months to get an answer but we can enjoy what Weisman and Vietti are delivering for the moment.

And here we have some beautiful scenes. A really nice family picture and a shot of Bruce Lee, with an Odysseus vibe. The dog waiting for his long lost friend to come back while the bravest Penelope of the DCU takes a look at the most heartbreaking picture before kicking asses.

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