DC Legends introduces Wally West

A Wally West's aficionado is always complaining. It's his best quality and his worst flaw : he is complaining about everything, everytime you give him the chance. On the long list of his complaints you might find the impossibility to play Wally West on a video game. Of course, most of the complaints are comics related, but this is important too … Isn't it ?

And seriously, who wouldn't play as Wally ? Rushing in the streets, exploring the mysteries of the Speed Force, fighting bad guys side by side with Linda, Bart, Jay or Barry, traveling through time ! You must admit, that would be the greatest thing on Earth !

Well, that would be possible if Wally West wasn't a marginalized character right now, which is a temporary situation, like everyone knows. And until it finally happens, we just have to wait and play Justice League Heroes, Injustice Mobile or the GTA mod for the moment.

Fortunatly for Wally West's readers, sometimes, someone or something in the universe hear the silent tears of the community. Sometimes, we are rewarded for our patience, our prayers to the Speed Force and all the suffering endured. And this time, we are the luckiest fandom in the world, because Wally West is now available on DC Legends, a mobile RPG.

If you want to give this game a chance, our favorite speedster is able to share his speed to boost his allies, dodge the attacks and put your enemies down with his Infinite Mass Punch.

You can download it for free on your application store or the game's website, right here.


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