Young Justice : Coldhearted

Wally West comes oh-so-close to fulfilling his birthday wish to finally fight alongside the Justice League. Instead, a massively disappointed Kid Flash is taken off the mission and tasked with a simple delivery job. But a few deadly surprises await the birthday boy along the way ...

Who could love The « Kid Flash » ? And why would we love someone who's selfish, immature and arrogant ? Wally West has literally everything against him. And don't forget that he might be the most ridiculous sidekick : he is not as fast as The Flash, even Bart Allen is faster !

So, what's the point to loose twenty minutes of our time for an entire episode about Wally's birthday, named « Coldhearted » ? What's the point to watch an unsufferable brat running across the country ?

Of course, every longtime readers of The Flash will raise their hand and point out that « Coldhearted » is a nice tribute of The Flash #1, written by Mike Baron in 1987. The problem is, this is going to be really difficult to attract viewers with such a controversal issue and such a divise run, where Wally West is a very different character.

In this episode, Wally is just as unsympathetic as his comic-book counterpart in 1987. He wakes up like the ordinary teenager, literally obsessed by his birthday and his last crush. You must know people like him. You may be one of them. We were all like him.

But, like everyone, he was given the chance to be better, with what looked like a simple task, far away from the glorious battles of the Justice League. He had to move, to travel, to realize what was his greatest fight, the right fight and, in twenty minutes, he has come a long way since he was tasked to save a child.

During his journey, where he was able to give a new heart for a little girl, Kid Flash slowly becomes the Wally West we all know and love. And what we might love the most about him is his ability to greatness, despite all his flaws. What we might love the most about him is how much we are alike.

Happy rebirthday.



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