The Flash #111 (1960)

In Kid Flash's first solo adventure, he must stop a gang of kids before they get into trouble. Plus, in the second tale, Dr. Wiley Summers discovers Cloud Creatures who want to take over the Earth.

Everyone knows Kid Flash was meant to entertain the kids. Everyone gets he was meant to show to a younger generation of readers the right path to follow : « You must use your speed only to combat evil and to help those in distress … And never for your own personal gain ». You may have heard this story before, from another Uncle. From another teenager. With great power comes also great responsability.

And yet, Wally West's story doesn't seem like it's about preaching, in this particular story. In fact, it shows a different kind of heroism, a different kind of adventure where it is not about stopping threats or punishing villains, it's about protecting people, sometimes from themselves.

Take a minute to think about it. It would take less than a second to solve the problem. A group of teenagers, ready to battle, ready to cause trouble, even if there were thousand of them, they would be no match for Kid Flash. He could take them down, it would be the easiest solution, it would be the fastest solution.

But Wally West's story doesn't involve any fight, it involves a burning forest, a metaphor where he has to smother the flames, not fuel them. Therefore he runs, to keep the flames from spreading. What Wally West is doing is giving to a bunch of troublemakers a second chance, a chance to be better, to learn from their mistakes.

They won't see Kid Flash, they will never know what he has done for them. The only thing that they will feel is a benevolent wind that will eventually lead them to a different way, a better way.

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