Scott Lobdell teases Flash Forward

We still have to wait three months before Flash Forward hits the shelves but DC definitely wants you to know that this new mini series will be the "love letter" we've been waiting for. So, today, Scott Lobdell talks with Comic Book Ressources about what is coming for Wally West.

Often when you read about the marketing of an event, you'll see a variation of, 'After this issue...nothing will ever be the same!' But then the next month's issues come out and -- everything is the same. Reading Heroes in Crisis, it was very clear that Wally's story couldn't end on the ninth issue. So much had happened to him over the last year, and going back to Rebirth and going all the way back to the New 52 and Flashpoint... everyone agreed we'd be doing a huge disservice to a character that it could easily be argued is one of the greatest fan favorites in all of comics

It was stated more than once, in the books and out, that the return of Wally West was about returning hope to the DC Universe. I think by the end of this series people will see we're not treating Flashpoint, New 52, Rebirth and Heroes In Crisis as separate stories with Wally West in them. Rather, we'll see all of these turning points have been about telling one epic Wally West story. With Flash Forward, I'm using all the breadcrumbs Wally has left behind over the last nine years to tell a story that ties up some threads and starts weaving new ones.

Trust me when I say Brett Booth wouldn't let me do anything other than write a love letter to his favorite character.

You can read the full interview on Comic Book Ressources.

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