Wally West Solicitations : October 2019

It's been a long time since Wally West was part of the solicitations every month. But, right now, the readers won't have only one title solicited ... But two. Which is a huge step in the right direction. We have never been so close to have an ongoing serie ... Yes, one can only hope, isn't it ?

But let's focus on the present, or what's to come in october. In a few month, we will discover Wally's new role in the DCU with Flash Forward #2 : The protector of the Multiverse and the new archnemesis of the Dark Multiverse, introduced by Scott Snyder in Metal. It could lead Wally to cross the path of the Batman of Laugh and make him central again in the Crisis to come. After all, DC promised a "big event" for Wally during the SDCC 2019 ...

Last but not least, 2020 will mark the beginning of the celebrations. We will soon reach the 80th anniversary of The Flash legacy and, while anthology books might not be the most exciting things to read, we will have the chance to find new materials from Mark Waid and Francis Manapul, and it's always nice to read what these two Flash aficionados have to say about such a beloved character.

written by SCOTT LOBDELL
cover by EVAN “DOC” SHANER
variant cover by INHYUK LEE
When the border between the Multiverse and the Dark Multiverse starts to buckle, who do you turn to? The answer: Wally West. Once the Fastest Man Alive, he’s now a man with nothing left to live for. Will Tempus Fuginaut’s chosen champion rise to the occasion and fight back the demons of the darkness, or will Wally’s own demons win the day?
ON SALE 10.16.19
$3.99 US | 2 of 6 | 32 PAGES

stories and art by various
new cover by JIM LEE and SCOTT WILLIAMS
Celebrate 80 Years of the Flash with DC, as we revisit classic comics stories from the 1940s and onward, featuring some of the Flash’s greatest allies and villains, and work from some of the greatest creators ever to grace the graphic-literature medium! This book collects such seminal moments as the first appearances of Jay Garrick (FLASH COMICS #1), Barry Allen (SHOWCASE #4) and Wally West (THE FLASH #110), the classic “Flash of Two Worlds” (THE FLASH #123) and the death of Iris West (THE FLASH #275) as well as many previously uncollected gems, including stories from THE FLASH #300 (1981), FLASH #54 (1991), FLASH COMICS #89 (1947) and many more. It also features new essays and commentary from comics stars Mark Waid, Roy Thomas, Francis Manapul and more, plus a new cover by Jim Lee!
ON SALE 11.06.19
$29.99 US | 384 PAGES

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