Flash Forward : Revelations and hints

As you must know, internet is a wonderful place where you can share your passions, interact with people and even talk with your favorite artists, which is something really nice and first and foremost really interesting, in many ways, like having a glimpse of what will happen in our favorite ongoing.

And, luckily for us, this is exactly what A Hero Story did a few days ago when they the chance to ask a few question to Scott Lobdell himself, giving us a better understanding of what's going to happen in the Flash Forward serie.

First of all, I highly recommend this podcast : it's fun, the hosts raise good and revelant questions, it's a pleasure to listen, from the very beginning to the end of the interview.

Here is the link : https://soundcloud.com/user-442371722/a-hero-story-special-scott-lobdell-interview

If you have some time, don't forget to thank them for their work !

Back to Flash Forward, what's Lobdell teasing for the months to come ? This is a summary of everything revealed by the writer so, obviously, if you want to avoid the spoilers, you should stop reading this article.

But enough with the details, this what you'll find through Flash Forward #1 to #6 :

  • Flash Forward #1 : Prepare yourself for a brand new Trial of The Flash but, this time, it's Wally West who risk to spend his whole life in prison and our hero thinks this is exactly what he deserves. Worst, he doesn't want any defense. But a mysterious character appears and tells him to fight for his freedom, that he is not guilty. And this is character is none other than our beloved Linda Park who saw every interview from Sanctuary. She understands what Wally went through and will support him.
  • Flash Forward #2-3 : Wally will leave the Earth … Or, to be precise, he will leave our Earth. Wally's going to explore the Multiverse, from Earth-7, where he will have to fight Crusader's team, to Earth-43, Earth of the vampires where the last and best vampire hunter turns out to be Roy Harper. This is going to be a unique chance to save one of his best friends and accept what happened to him back on Earth-Prime.
  • Flash Forward #5 : You have been waiting a very long time to see him again and, now, he's back in Wally's life. The amazing, the incredible, the spectacular Chunk !
  • Flash Forward # ? : We thought we would never see them again, outside Wally's memories of course, but here they are, the twins are back. And, yes, we are not talking about the Tornado Twins but Irey and Jai who will finally meet Wally one more time. We still don't know if they are Wally's actual kids or alternate versions. It's still better than nothing !

That's all for the spoilers, but it is clearly enough to give us some hope. Again, there is so much more to discover in the podcast and you should definitely listen how Lobdell looks at what happened to Wally or his explanations for the most controversial parts. It could give you a hint about what could happen in the next issues. I wouldn't use the word « retcon », but ...

See you soon for the Flash Forward #1 review !



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