The Brave And The Bold #8

Written by Mark Waid. Art by George Pérez & Bob Wiacek.Cover by Pérez.

A virtually unstoppable force has driven the Doom Patrol to the brink of destruction and despair! And why is The Flash the only hero who can possibly stand between them and utter chaos?

If you like Wally West, it's only because he must be perfect. He has to, right ? Otherwise, you wouldn't like him. He doesn't have any flaw, he is too powerful, he always makes the right decision, he never fails. But it's definitely not what makes a hero interesting, isn't it ? If he can't lose a battle, if he can't suffer, then what makes him relevant ? How can you relate to what he's going through ? Who can pretend to live the perfect life story of Wally West ?

If we like Wally West, it might be because of how imperfect he is. And he doesn't need to hurt people, to lost his family or to be portrayed like an anti-hero to still be a flawed but likeable character. For instance, he is definitely not be the best father : he brings his children in a world full of threats when he should do everything he can to keep them safe. Does he succeed ? Barely. That's why he tries to do his best. That's why he still makes mistakes. That's why he ended up with the Doom Patrol with a choice to make.

If we love Wally West, it surely is because of his ability to make the tough choice. Even if it could end in a disaster, Wally's story is about taking the risk to choose the right decision at a crossroad we all experienced in different ways. This is why we can relate to this character, and this why we look toward him, because we know that trying to do the right thing is difficult, we know it requires a faith we don't always have.

Is he perfect ? Far from it. But it doesn't mean he won't try to live up to the Flash's legacy. Does he have flaws ? Yes, and he will make some mistakes again, and he will be tempted by the easiest solution. Wally West doesn't need to be perfect. In fact, he is perfectly human.



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