Review : Flash Forward #3

The story5
The characterisation10
The writing5
The art10
The colors10
The covers10

We all love a good story about vampires, right ? Whether it's Braham Stocker's Dracula, Anne Rice's Interview with the Vampire or Richard Matheson's I Am Legend, vampire tales are part of our collective psyche and there will always be a genuine fascination for bat-man creatures. And for the third chapter of the Flash Forward saga, Scott Lobdell chose to bring us back in a world full of these mythical creatures : Coming right from the pages of the Batman and Dracula : Red Rain storyline, Wally ends up in a world full of vampires as, this time, Batman isn't the only undead and the whole Justice League has been turned into bloodthirsty monsters. But our favorite Speedster isn't alone in this fight, and the world's greatest vampire hunter, who is none other than Roy Harper, will help him in his quest to save every universe from the Dark Matter.

Unfortunately, there's not much more to say than you already know at this point. Like every month, Scott Lobdell writes a wonderful Wally West, a Flash who keeps running and keeps fighting with a smile on his face, no matter what hit him. In this issue, in particular, we have a lot of great moments of pure joy between Wally and Roy. Thanks to Scott Lobdell and Brett Booth, the simple fact that we're able to see these two jumping in a car, rushing to an old manor haunted by vampire is enough to make you smile for weeks and, in many ways, their interactions are as interesting as fun.

Of course, it is far from perfect. In fact, the entire issue is really a missed opportunity to deal with the events of Heroes in Crisis and the death of Roy Harper, one of Wally's best friends and a founding member of the Teen Titans. While we can all understand why any writer wouldn't ever want to address what happened in such a controversial story, maybe there was room for a few scenes showing Wally finally coming to terms with the past.

It definitely fells like something is missing and what could have been a very powerful and touching story turns out to be just a entertaining but average issue. It is not bad at all but it was a good opportunity to show something a bit more ambitious, something that would make Flash Forward more than a mini series which has only one task, to appease the readers.

On the bright side, Brett Booth's work is perfect in every possible way. Whether it's a breathtaking battle between Wally and Superman or Barry Allen, our hero vibrating through walls with Arsenal into the nest of a vampire or a monstrous Batman stepping out of the shadows, every panel, every page is a treasure to admire.

If Dracula and his super-friends are not your cup of tea, this might not be able to reconcile you with that type of stories and while this issue definitely looks like a filler chapter and there is not much to say, it is nonetheless a fun comic-book with amazing action scenes and it might be your last chance to see a classic Titans team-up for a while. And if you like Brett Booth's art, this issue is a must-have.

Don't forget to thank Doc Shaner and Inhyuk Lee for creating each month iconic covers !

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