Wally West finally gets a Funko Pop!

Since a few months, it seems like we go from a surprise to another. DC is still publishing Mark Waid's run in TPB, Flash Forward may have a happy ending, some of us are still hoping to see Wally in the Stargirl TV series, we got a Rebirth action figure last year and Young Justice may bring back the former Kid Flash in its Season 4, Phantom. All things considered, it's not that bad. Speaking of Young Justice, you must already know that merchandising and toys are a huge part of the show's history. And if you didn't like Mattel's action figures, rejoice dear Young Justice fans, because life decided it was time to give you a second chance : Funko Pop! revealed a brand new figure of Wally West as Kid Flash. Not only this Pop figure is easily one of the best Flash released by Funko, but this Kid Flash glows in the dark ... Like a burning flame of hope in the darkness ... Pretty rad, isn't it ? Let's just hope Wally will not be the only one to join the Funko family and the rest of the Young Justice is on its way ! Give us at least Artemis, so these two can be reunited in our universe !

It is expected to be released in April 2020 as a Hot Topic exclusive figure. Meanwhile, you now what to do ... #KeepBingingYoungJustice



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