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The story10
The characterisation10
The writing10
The art10
The colors10
The covers10

Many of us have waited a very long time to read this particular issue, whether we talk about months or years, because Flash Forward #4 marks the reunion of Wally West and Linda Park. Seeing these two back together was definitely something we wanted to read, more than anything else, and it was already an event in itself. So, obviously, if you saw the variant cover for this brand new chapter, you must have been literally ecstatic at the idea of discovering this long awaited reunion after a very long and endless separation, depriving the readership of a wonderful character. Unfortunately for us, things didn't go as expected and it seems we will have to wait a bit longer for a proper reunion between Wally and his amazing wife. But does this mean Flash Forward #4 is disappointing ? Quite the contrary ! This issue offers a glimmer of hope to the readership and it feels like the traditionnal Linda Park is on its way back to the DCU, as well as her iconic relationship with Wally.

For now, let's talk about the first few pages of this book : This introduction brings us back on New Earth, right before the Flashpoint, and we just look at a very trivial scene with Wally sleeping, before his kids rush in the room and start to mess around with their father. As mundane as this scene looks like, it hurts like hell to see how much the character (and the readership) lost and how much me miss pages like these ones, which are perfect in every way. But Flash Forward #4 isn 't just an emotional issue and, as we turn the pages, it appears Lobdell and Booth had a few surprises left for the readers as they put a new spin on what really happened to Wally's family. Before that, there were a few possibilities : Either the twins were simply erased from existance, following the damages caused to the timeline because of the Flashpoint, or, like it was hinted in Flash War, the twins were kept prisoners in the Speed Force or somewhere else. It turns out that Joshua Williamson was right and Lobdell decided to RetCon everything by showing the twins abducted by the dark matter of the Dark Multiverse. Crazy, weird, unexepected, but definitely fascinating !

In doing so, Scott Lobdell kept his promises : Flash Forward is indeed a mini series taking its roots way before the New 52 and everything that happened since Flashpoint, everything matters and it is now a larger and unique story about a father looking for his family.

Back to the present, Wally is still fighting the infection of the dark matter in the known Earths of the Multiverse when two worlds are about to collide and a very familiar speedster appears … Who's none other than Linda Park ! Coming right from an alternate reality, she goes by the name of Lightspeed and after a brief battle with our Flash, they finally team up to save the day. While running, they both experience Wally's life and see his memories inside the Speed Force, which also results in a small change of attitude for Lightspeed … Well, it must seems a bit awkward, but right after our two Speedsters saved the worlds, this brand new Linda ends up kissing Wally, even if they just met. While it makes sense to see this kind of reaction after what they've been through, it also teases the possibility of a happy ending for Wally West and our Linda Park, after she rejected him, way back in the Titans ongoing. After all, if by seeing all of Wally's memories for Linda and fighting side by side with him, Lightspeed starts to feel something, then maybe there is hope for the reunion with have been waiting for.

But none of that would be as stellar as it is without Brett Booth. This is, without any doubt possible, the greatest Flash Forward issue we had since it started, and our favorite artist might be the main reason : Overall, the main story is about two speedsters running at top speed, and that's it. Nothing really new, nothing really surprising, but Booth's art is so dynamic and so epic that you instantly forget how simple this story is (which is not bad thing, far from it). The scale is bigger than ever and the action scenes are all impressive, this is everything we always wanted and we could have expected from a book about The Flash and his adventures in the DC Multiverse. As we previously said, while the story will never reach new heights, the art is what will make you read again and again this issue. This book is definitely fun to read but it's great to admire.

And, of course, there are these wonderful pages with Jai and Irey or the kiss between Linda and Wally which strike a chord and make this is chapter of Flash Forward a very special and precious gift.

Full of hope, full of incredible scenes, with a Flash inspiring, there is litteraly nothing to throw away, even if this story is far from what was expected. Flash Forward also ends on the promise to reunite a family, with fantastic panel showing a father holding his long lost twins, and this is a perfect way to conclude a flawless journey through the Multiverse !

Don't forget to thank Doc Shaner and Inhyuk Lee for creating each month iconic covers !

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