Generation Zero is now included in Flash Forward

For months, we heard rumours about DC's 5G and how it would affect the DC Universe, mainly by replacing the principal members of the Justice League. A new Superman, a new Batman, and even a new Flash, it was supposed to open the next era  of our favorite universe with another generation of heroes taking the lead, and starring as the main characters in the ongoing series of the DC Proper.

Whatever is your opinion about DC's 5G, it's always interesting, or at least intriguing, to see a publisher trying to shake things up. After all, Marvel did something quite similar with his All-New All-Different relaunch, which had really good stories, like Jason Aaron's Jane Foster run or Nick Spencer's Sam Wilson series. Anyway, the first step leading to what might or might not had been an All-New All-Different DC Universe was supposed to be Generation Zero : Gods Among, featuring Wally West on an epic journey to fix the timestream of the DC Universe.

Originally schedulled for the FCBD, the Covid crisis happened and every book from every publisher has been delayed and while the industry is slowly but surely recovering, we're still far from the new release date of Generation Zero, which is now expected to be released on August, the 8/28.

A release date really frustrating since whatever Wally did in this issue, it should also explain how he could be the prisoner of the Batman Who Laughs in Death Metal #1.

Luckily for us, it seems there is another possibility if you really want to read this story sooner and, thanks to Brett Booth, we now know where to find Generation Zero :



As you can see, the long awaited FCBD issue will be included in the Flash Forward trade paperback, which should be available on July, the 07/07.

It's up to you to decide if you can wait two more months or if you are ready to spend 18$ for these few new pages to discover what happened to Wally before the events of Death Metal.  But right now, you can just take a look at the brand new cover for the TPB !


His name is Wally West-and he was the Fastest Man Alive. That is, until the Multiverse was rewritten without him or his family in it. Wally returned and tried to make it work, but the damage was done. Spinning out of the events of Heroes in Crisis, follow the man who called himself Flash on an adventure to find redemption in a cosmos that has fought so hard to destroy him. Our hero must overcome his greatest fears, regrets, and anger to do what's right. But what's right is the hardest thing anyone would ever imagine doing...letting go.

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