Preview : Dark Nights - Death Metal : Speed Metal #1

According to DC and the writer that gave us fantastic stories featuring our favorite Flash, from The Flash Annual #1 to Perfect Storm and Flash War, "Wally's race is far from over". If you have read The Flash #51, these words might sound familiar : back in July 2018, Williamson tried his best to reassure the readership.

Wally's story is far from over. It's going to get a lot harder before it gets better. But now I know that on the day he was born, when I saw that spark in his eyes, it was telling me that one day ... Wally West will be the greatest hero who ever lived.

We're still far from the redemption we have been waiting for but our writer was right. Eventually, it gets better.

Thanks to Joshua Williamson, who must be really tired to see many "Where's Wally ?!" under each of his tweets, we now have a nice sneak peek of the Speed Metal tie in and the gorgeous art of Eddy Barrows.

Running away from the former Batman Who Laughs, now called the Darkest Knight, the Flash Family is reunited for its most important battle : to save the Multiverse once again.

What we have here are mostly panels and flashbacks from DC Universe : Rebirth #1, written by Geoff Johns, which was the one of the greatest moment in comic-book history, marking the return of hope and Wally West in the DC Universe.

And, this time, maybe Wally will be able to get back his long lost watch ... If our Speedsters can reach Mars, of course.

For the full preview, we will have to wait a bit longer but this is more than enough to keep us excited for the next three weeks before Speed Metal's release.


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