1) Your english is, at best, very weird ... What's wrong with you ?

French dude here, trying to do his best for DC's community and share some positive things. I just want you to know that I'm really sorry to hurt that much Shakespeare's tongue (which is, again, a very french concept, I beg your pardon).



2)  Well ... "The Flash Lives" ? Isn't it a bit corny ?

First of all, it is always a good thing, in my opinion, to pay your respects to Candice Payton who plays Iris West, webmaster of the famous "The Streak Lives" website.

I could have named it "We Are The Flash", but with this kind of jokes, I'd be beyond redemption ...

On a second hand, for a french dude, a website which initials are "TFL", it's a bit funny, isn't it ? TFL. You get it ? Tour EiFfeL ? All right, just put me in the Speed Force and if you're lucky, you'll forget everything about my pretty lame sense of humor ...

In all seriousness, if you remember, that's how it began, back in 1986 with Crisis On Infinite Earths #12 : "The Flash lives again".



3) Another website on The Flash ?! What the hell man, don't you dare disrespect Speedforce.org/Hyperborea !

First of all, I'm a huge fan of Ed Garrett and Kelson and their Speed Force/Hyperborea websites, it's like reading Barry Allen's blog, full of articles filled with optimism and joy. But I'm not in interested in reviewing comics or talking about what DC is currently publishing. All I want is to talk about Wally, what he means to the DCU. Let's talk about his family, how he inspires others, how he inspires us.

I think there is room for this kind of initiative ! 🙂



4) Considering the recent events ... "The Flash Lives" ... Don't you think it's a bit ... I don't know ... morbid ?

Some would say this fan page is a giant mausoleum. Well, great news, we're not here to mourn a character. In fact, I hope this website will become a safe space where we can share memories and cherish Wally West's legacy, where we can glorify the ideal of The Flash.

No, this won't be a mausoleum with hard feelings regarding what's going on with DC Comics ... Instead of a mausoleum, let's call it ... A Sanctuary ! 😉